About us

The Bingo Association is the trade association of the licensed bingo industry representing the proprietors of licensed bingo premises under the 2005 Gambling Act. Bingo is a unique part of the gambling industry, it is at the ‘soft end‘ of the gambling spectrum and is firmly rooted in the social fabric of the communities it serves. 

Working closely with our members we are dedicated to promoting the interests of all licensed bingo operators, creating an environment that is fair and open and where all our customers and our employees feel safe.

Our membership is diverse and varies in size from large multi-site operators to owner/manager run single site businesses, from traditional bingo clubs, High Street bingo venues and holiday parks.  Bingo Association Members all operate bingo clubs in Great Britain, which offer ‘land based’ bingo on commercial terms (for profit). As such they must at minimum obtain a Bingo Operating Licence and Personal Licence(s) for certain members of staff from the Gambling Commission, as well as a Premises Licence from the local Licencing Authority. The Bingo Operating Licence gives an entitlement to a certain number of gaming machines which can be made available in the club.

Clubs may also offer food and drink, alcohol and performance entertainment, each of which carries a licensing requirement.

Our mission is to represent the land-based bingo industry, promoting and developing the interests of all licensed bingo operators in Great Britain.

We do this by working with:

  • operators and owners of licensed premises
  • central government and policymakers
  • the Gambling Commission and other regulators and compliance organisations
  • organisations involved in research, education and treatment of problem gambling
  • all media outlets
  • other gambling sector trade bodies and organisations.

The Bingo Association has a proud history of representing licensed bingo over the years with government and regulator alike. Playing bingo is an integral part of the social fabric of Great Britain and The Bingo Association works hard to ensure that the game of bingo continues to be recognised in this way.

We achieve this through:

  • providing an industry forum allowing members to share best practice and innovation
  • shaping and driving the sector agenda through strong political engagement and lobbying activities with central government
  • active involvement in consultations on sector and broader regulatory and compliance matters through the Association’s Standing Compliance Committee
  • undertaking regular consumer and industry research
  • acting as a centre of expertise and promoting bingo as a low-risk, highly sociable form of gambling.

The Bingo Association Limited is a company limited by guarantee.