The Executive Council is responsible for the overall leadership of The Bingo Association and for setting the strategic objectives, core values and aims on behalf of the membership.  

The Executive Council’s composition consists of a Chairman, Chief Executive, Company Secretary and elected Non-Executive Directors representing the different categories of membership based on size and premises type (club, High Street Bingo and holiday park), operating in Great Britain.

Executive Council Members

Chairman – Andy Crump – Mecca Bingo Ltd                         

Chief Executive – Miles Baron                              

Head of Governance and Compliance / Company Secretary – Paul Swindon                                                                    

Category Director Alternative Director Company
Category A Cheryl Gifford Mike Sime Mecca Bingo Ltd
Category A Stevie Shaves Simon Reynolds Buzz Bingo Ltd
Category B Mike Watret Leslie Ross Carlton Clubs Ltd
Category B Jeff Harris Lisa Morgan Castle Leisure Ltd
Category B Brian Fraser Steve Pidgeon Fraser Capital Management Ltd (Club 3000)
Category B Steve Ambrose Simon Coombes Merkur Bingo and Casino Entertainment UK Ltd
Category B (Vacant) (Vacant) Majestic Bingo Ltd
Category C Stefan Harrison N/A Club 2000 Bingo Ltd
Category C Daryl Davidson N/A Graves (Cumberland) Ltd
Category C Jim Shipley N/A SJRP Investments Ltd
Category C Tony Lynch N/A Full Gaming Mgt Services Ltd
Category C Dave Robson N/A Shipley Brothers Ltd
Category D Amanda Kiernan N/A Merkur Bingo
Category D Martin Lagar N/A Parkdean Resorts Ltd

Management team

The management team reports to the BA Executive Council and is responsible for the ongoing management of the Association and the day-to-day operational matters for running the business. 

Standing Compliance Committee

The Standing Compliance Committee is a sub-committee of the BA Executive Council and comprises of nominated compliance professionals from member operators.  Their primary function is to consider and make recommendations to the BA Executive Council on all compliance, regulatory and socially responsible gambling matters.   

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is a sub-committee of the BA Executive council and are responsible for the approval of all applications for membership which are received between Executive Council meetings during the year.  

External Stakeholder Group

A marketing-centric committee of external stakeholders and partners focusing on industry-specific PR and communications, lobbying activities and cross-industry initiatives.