13 Charges to Play Notice     


The Mandatory Conditions attached to a Bingo premises licence state that: any admission charges, the charges for playing bingo games and the rules of play must be displayed in a prominent position on the premises. 


For transparency, the charge to play, including any participation fee (charge) should be prominently displayed at the main book selling point, contained as part of the notice detailing the charges levied for all games. 


The maximum charge can be up to 100% of the price to play, but a figure should be entered that a bingo participation fee (charge) would not exceed. Where all charges are shown as 100% of cost per ticket, this would not promote a realistic level of transparency. 


For example, the Notice might read: 

a) 100% on link games (paper) as there are quite a few of one off games through the year 

b) 50% on all in club games 

c) 60% on new National Bingo Games (in case any retained stake is returned) and 

d) 60% on all MCB (called ‘Cash Card’. ‘Cash Card Plus’ are link games) 



Details required on the notice are: 

a) name of ticket or game 

b) what tickets are included, if part of an all-in for example, or feature/jackpot 

c) how many tickets you get for the price (single or within a book) 

d) price of ticket or book 

e) maximum participation fee/charge taken 

f) details of any retained stake 

g) MCB game fee for each stake level played 

h) Linked MCB game fee for each stake level 

i) ‘Bonus Button’ fee 

j) date that notice is effective from, or date that the notice was withdrawn from 

k) 2 signatures from the management team 


Operators are recommended to check and review their respective Charges to Play Notice in every premises on a regular basis in order to ensure that they are up to date and compliant.