2 Linked Ticket Bingo  

2.2Control Premises
2.3Participating Premises
2.4Link Group
2.5Game Records

2.1 Introduction  

The term “Linked Ticket Bingo” refers to games of bingo played simultaneously in two or more licensed premises whereby: 

a) The participating clubs are linked by means of an audio (or audio/visual) link. 

b) All the players taking part in those games are present in one or another of the participating premises at the time the games are played. 

c) The numbers are drawn and called in one or other of the participating clubs while the game is being played and the calling is heard by all the players. 

d) A winning claim is indicated to all the players before the next number is called. 

2.2 Control Premises 

The premises from which the numbers are called (“the control premises”) shall announce or display the following to each participating premises before each game begins: 

a) the total number of tickets sold in all the participating premises 

b) the stake contribution per ticket allocated to the link game prize 

c) the total stake money and its allocation to each game (if immediately available) 

d) any additional information as the house rules shall define 

Where stake contribution and prize money for each game is not available before the game, this should be announced during, or as close to the start of the game as possible. 

2.3 Participating Premises  


Each participating premises shall display the following information regarding its own ticket sales: 

a) the opening and closing serial numbers of the tickets issued 

b) the total number of tickets damaged or unsold 

c) the total number of tickets sold 

d) the prizes allocated to the link game 


Each number called must be displayed on the indicator board in each participating premises. 


There must be an efficient two-way audio connection between all the participating premises so that when a claim is made the game may be stopped immediately and a decision on the claim made known to all the players before the next number is called. 


It is good practice to have a caller and another responsible person on stage during the playing of the game to ensure any audible claim by a player is identified and reacted to on a timely basis. 


Operators should take great care to ensure that their perm size is sufficient to prevent the possibility of selling duplicate tickets to customers playing the same game. Additionally, each operator must ensure they have a unique perm set of tickets for their club. 

2.4 Link Group  


Any link group shall, prior to conducting games of Linked Ticket bingo, establish a common set of rules under which the games shall be played in respect of the following: 

a) The checking or caller validation of winning claims must be heard in all participating premises. The following should be announced and/or displayed when a winning claim is submitted for checking: 

  • number of claimants and in what club 
  • number of winning ticket(s) and display of valid ticket / permutation details 
  • last number called (the ‘check’ number) 

Prize monies should be paid within 10 days but prize winners should be informed after the game of the amount they will receive. It should be made clear that this is ‘subject to scrutiny’ (in case of adjusted prize money, due to communications failure leading to clubs failing to start or complete the link game). 


Each ticket participating in the link game must make the same financial contribution to the advertised prize(s). Any club participating in the game must ensure that where packages that include free link tickets are used, that all other clubs participating in the link game have an identical offer. This offer should be available on both ticket sales and electronic devices. 

2.5 Game Records   

In respect of each linked game in which it participates, a control club or operator should have access to relevant information to allow the game to be scrutinised upon request. This information should be held for a minimum of six months. It is suggested that the following information is relevant: 

a) the names of the participating clubs 

b) for each participating club, the opening and closing ticket numbers, the total tickets sold, the total tickets damaged or unsold and the aggregate total of tickets sold 

c) the total stake money and its allocation to each game 

d) a record of all numbers called (either held electronically or recorded on a form); this requirement applies to the control club only 

e) the details of local prize winners and in respect of other winners, the names of the clubs in which they played.

2.6 Breakdown  

In the event of a breakdown in communications before or during a link game, the following procedures should apply: 


Before the game starts 

In the case of a breakdown of the link in one or more, but not in all of the participating premises before the game, the link game may continue among those able to participate, the link prizes being re-calculated accordingly. The club(s) unable to play the link game must each play an in-house game for the stake money contributed in their own club and any APM as required (at the operator’s discretion). 


During the game 

a) Affecting all clubs – all numbers already called shall stand and each club should carry on individually playing a house game for the stake money contributed in that club (less stake money already contributed to validated games, such as a line & 2 line game or previous pages) and any APM, if applied/ appropriate). 

b) Affecting some but not all clubs – all numbers already called shall stand and those clubs able to continue the link game should do so, with the link prizes re-calculated to reflect the reduced numbers; those clubs unable to continue with the link should continue playing a house game for the stake money contributed in that club. 

c) Note: Any link prizes already won before a breakdown will stand and the remaining link prizes (and, as the case may be, local house prizes) will be re-apportioned after the breakdown.