8 Linked Mechanised Cash Bingo    

8.2Gambling Commission Requirements
8.3Information for Clubs
8.4Display Information
8.5MCB Linked Perm
8.6Playing the Game
8.8Ancillary Remote Licence 

8.1 Introduction    

This adds detail to the guidelines for Mechanised Cash Bingo (MCB) in the Operator’s Handbook, to the extent that it covers games of MCB played across a number of premises linked for the purpose. The guidelines for MCB shall apply to linked games of MCB as they apply to normal games of MCB, unless varied by this section. 

8.2 Gambling Commission Requirements     

Any determinant used in the game of bingo and distributed by any form of network must be transmitted simultaneously to all player devices designed to receive such information within that game. The receiving devices must be able to present the appropriate information such that no player is disadvantaged by the introduction of any delay. 

8.3 Information for Clubs     

In respect of each linked game in which it participates, a control club or operator should have access to relevant information in respect of each linked game: 

a) Names of participating clubs; 

b) The total number of boards in play in all of the participating clubs; 

c) Total stake money and its allocation to each game; 

d) A record of all numbers called. This requirement applies to the club in which the numbers are drawn; and 

e) At each club for all games played details of prize-winners are recorded together with the names of the clubs in which they claimed. 

This information should be kept for 6 months or in accordance with company instructions.

8.4 Display Information     


A charge for playing Mechanised Cash Bingo shall be displayed to customers at the main book selling point, as part of the notice detailing the charges for all other games. 


Each participating club shall display the information regarding the total number of participating boards in the game and the prizes. 


The current number must be shown on the appropriate indicator board in each participating premises. 

8.5 MCB Linked Perm  

Operators should take great care to ensure that their board set (perm) is unique and is compatible with the other participating premises so that no two boards are the same in any one game in respect of the type of game being played (line/house etc.). If, however, due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the operator or due to a mistake, a situation arises whereby duplicate boards win a game of bingo, then it is suggested that the prize money should be divided equally among the claimants as in the situation where there are multiple winners. Game rules must make this clear. Operators should have a very clear policy on how to avoid this situation, including written procedures to ensure that each board set is unique in order to prevent duplicate boards being in play during the same game. The operator’s Terms and Conditions should state the procedures to be followed by the operator in the event of this situation arising. 

8.6 Playing the Game  


The equipment must be operated in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended guidelines and, in any event, at a call speed that allows both verbal and electronic claims to be fully communicated across the link equipment before the next number is called. 


Any link group shall, prior to conducting games of Linked MCB, establish a common set of rules under which the games shall be played in respect of the sub-paragraphs below: 

a) The checking of winning claims must be heard in all participating premises. The following should be announced and/or displayed when a winning claim is submitted for checking: 

  • number of claimants;
  • winning board(s) and their locations; and 
  • last number called (the ‘check’ number) 

b) Each participating board/EBT in the link game must make the same financial contribution to the prize(s). 


The caller, having satisfied himself that there are no further claims, should announce the number of winners for the game concerned. The link group’s rules of play should define the point in the caller’s presentation after which no further claims will be accepted. 


Prize monies should be paid on the day but, in exceptional circumstances, within a reasonable amount of time and no later than 10 days thereafter. Prize winners should be informed of the amount they will receive on the day of the game. 

8.7 Breakdowns  

It should be noted that even taking into account up-to-date methods of control and other safeguards the risk of breakdown will increase with the number of premises participating. The following procedures are recommended: 


In the case of a breakdown of the link in one or more, but not in all of the participating premises before or during the game, the link game may continue among those able to participate, the link prizes being re-calculated accordingly. The club(s) cut out of the link must each play an in-house game for the stake money contributed in their own club and all numbers already called, if any, shall stand. 


Any link prizes already won before a breakdown will stand and the remaining link prizes will be re-apportioned after the breakdown. 

8.8 Ancillary Remote Licence  

If you play the National Bingo Game, links or use EBTs you will need an Ancillary Remote Licence. 

You may only apply for and be granted an ancillary remote licence, if you are an existing holder of the appropriate non-remote licence. This licence can be held by the holder of a non-remote bingo operating licence and licenses the holder to provide facilities for the playing of bingo, the National Bingo game, linked games and games on MCB equipment by means of remote communication equipment to people who are situated in licensed bingo premises.