10 Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) Donations   

10.2The Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT)
10.3Donations and Fund Raising
10.4The Gambling Commission
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Licensing Objective:  Protecting children and other vulnerable persons, from being harmed or exploited by gambling 

10.1 Introduction 

Combating problem gambling is a Social Responsibility Code Provision within the LCCP and the following action and commitments are required from Licensees: 

Social Responsibility provision 3.1.1
Combating problem gambling

  1. Licensees must have and put into effect policies and procedures designed to prevent underage gambling, and monitor the effectiveness of these.
  2. Licensees must have and put into effect policies and procedures intended to promote socially responsible gambling including the specific policies and procedures required by the provisions of section 3 of this code.

10.2 The Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT)  


As an independent national charity, The Responsible Gambling Trust raises a minimum of £10 million each year from voluntary donations made by the gambling industry and other businesses that derive some of their income from the gambling industry. Donations fund research, education, prevention and treatment services as prioritised in a national strategy, The National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms, formulated and advised by The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) and endorsed by the Gambling Commission


The Responsible Gambling Trust is committed to minimising gambling-related harm by funding effective education and prevention strategies and ensuring that those individuals 

that do develop problems receive fast and effective treatment and support. 


The RGT is responsible for fundraising and commissioning activity to deliver the RGSB’s strategy advice, subject to feedback from activity, evidence evaluated by the RGT and the funds available. The RGT publishes a funding plan to articulate how it intends to spend/distribute funds in May of each year. 


Partnership – The RGT develops its spending plans in collaboration with the RGSB and the Gambling Commission. These arrangements are underpinned by an assurance and governance framework agreed between the three parties that are predicated on the following principles: 

a) Responsible gambling means promoting responsibility in gambling and not gambling itself; 

b) All parties will work together openly and in active partnership; 

c) All parties will share an overriding commitment to transparency and engagement with stakeholders – and it is this transparency and engagement that will form the key underpinning of widespread trust and credibility in the arrangements. 

10.3 Donations and Fund Raising   


The Responsible Gambling Trust asks all businesses, whether or not licensed by the Gambling Commission, to consider donating a minimum of 0.1% of gross gambling yield. However, for small domestic retailers they suggest a minimum donation of £250 per retail unit. 


By donating to the Responsible Gambling Trust: 

a) Licensed operators will be fulfilling the requirement in the Gambling Commission’s LCCP code provision (3.1.1which relates to contributing to all three aspects that deal with problem gambling, namely research, education and treatment  

b) Operators will be directly supporting help for problem gamblers in Britain through the grants that the Responsible Gambling Trust gives to treatment providers such as GamCare, Gordon Moody Association, YGAM and the National Problem Gambling Clinic 

c) Operators will be funding education and harm prevention projects that encourage and promote responsibility in gambling including Gamble Aware 

d) Operators will also be funding independent research that will help the Responsible Gambling Trust to objectively inform public policy development in relation to responsible gambling 


The Trust requests that all businesses that derive income from gambling, whether as an operator or provider of services or products to operators, make a donation and help the charity to achieve its fundraising targets. 


The Trust receives no public funding. In order to fund a wide range of education, treatment and research work, and relies on donations from the gambling industry. 


When an operator makes a donation to the Responsible Gambling Trust, a donor certificate is received from RGT and donor logo is made available so that operators can demonstrate to their customers that they are committed to promoting and supporting responsible gambling. The Trust also sends regular updates on how the funds raised are being distributed. 

10.4 The Gambling Commission   


The Commission has an interest in the overall amounts of funds raised, and the level of commitment to research, education and treatment demonstrated by individual operators. Aspects of this may be considered by the Commission during any social responsibility review of an operator. 

10.5 Website Links 

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