Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme (BISES)

The bingo industry is committed to supporting and helping customers who may from time-to-time experience difficulties managing their gambling in licensed bingo premises in Great Britain.

To assist customers, the licensed bingo industry offers a voluntary scheme that enables them to request a self-exclusion from land-based licensed bingo premises across Great Britain.

How the Scheme works

The scheme requires the customer to contact their local bingo club or licensed bingo premises (the bingo operator) in order to self-exclude. As part of this process, the customer will be interviewed by the bingo operator so that they understand the consequences of self-exclusion. If the customer then wants to continue with their self-exclusion request, they must complete and sign a digital self-exclusion form and supply a digital image of themselves: this is an essential part of the scheme and exclusions cannot be processed without this image. The customer’s details are then added to the Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme (BISES) system, a secure national database of individuals who have asked to be excluded from licensed bingo premises in Great Britain.

A copy of the Privacy Policy is available to download and read on the right of this page. 

Ways to self-exclude

The quickest way for the customer to request a self-exclusion is to attend their local bingo club, or licensed bingo premises.

If the customer does not wish to attend their local bingo club or licensed bingo premises then they can telephone them, or make contact via their website (if they have one), in order to arrange their self-exclusion without having to visit the premises.


Enter a town name or postcode below to find your local bingo club or licensed bingo premises.

Alternatively, you can contact The Bingo Association, who will provide the telephone number of the club or licensed bingo premises.

Bingo Industry
Self-Exclusion Scheme Privacy Policy 

National Gambling Helpline

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You can speak with their advisers one-to-one for free confidential advice and support over the phone or on live chat 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

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Online bingo

The Bingo Association cannot assist players who wish to be excluded from online (internet-based) bingo websites.

Customers seeking to do this should either contact the bingo website operator direct, or visit the GamStop website at: Key contacts for most websites can usually be found at the very bottom of the home (first) page of the website.