September 2020

Track and Trace

Information and advice for Association Members:

It is now compulsory for bingo clubs to collect customer information.

Track and Trace using SAMRT Hub
The Bingo Association have sponsored a joint development between ISD and IHL to assist operators with Test and Trace. Whilst this will not replace the need for you to display the NHS QR code it will help you have a more targeted approach to any information requests from Test and Trace officials.

As of Monday 28th September, there will be a new icon on your Self-exclusion tablet. This functionality will allow you to track where your customers are sat by scanning their card and then adding a seat number. The seat number can be added either by manually typing a seat/MCB position number in or by scanning a QR code linked to the seat.

The new functionality will assist operators in 2 ways:

Once you have scanned all customers in with their seat number you will get a notification identifying any customers where you do not hold a mobile phone number. You will then be able to approach that customer and ask them to update their details.

If you get a call form NHS Test and Trace following a positive test on one of your customers you will be able to supply a much more targeted list of customers and their mobile numbers, based on where they were sat and who was near to them.

The full User Guide is available HERE.

ICO News – collecting Track and Trace information securely

ICO News has outlined five simple steps so you can collect customer information safely, quickly and securely. Using open contact forms or books to collect customer information is not secure.

ICO provide advice on their website on the best way to manually collect customer information and have also prepared an informative section of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and case study.

For more information please use the links above or visit their website:

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